Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

How much does the Computer repair course cost?

Each of our five week courses costs ₦35,000. Except our four week Catch them young course which costs ₦20,000. You can view our list of courses here.

What courses do you offer under the building installation skills program?

The building installation skills program includes CCTV Installation, Computer Networking, Solar Power System, Electric Fencing, Electric Wiring Installation, and Satellite TV Installation courses. For a list of all our programs and the courses under each visit our programs page.

Where can I find the Engausa Office in Farm Centre?

Our Farm centre training hub is located at Unit E35-E36 Technology Incubation Hub Farm Centre, Kano at the end of Guda Abdullahi Road. For the contact addresses of all our training centres and phone numbers, visit our contact page.

How many programs do you run in a year?

We run 8 cycles of 5 week programs in a year. You have the option of registering for either morning, afternoon or weekend sessions. You can also opt to register at our digital academy for online courses at your convenience.

How do I know an Engausa Graduate is genuine?

All Engausa Certificates can be verified using the Certificate verification page on our website by entering the Registration number on the issued certificate.

Can I book a spot in a future session?

Yes, Please provide your name and mobile number through any of our channels and we will give you a call two weeks before your chosen session to remind you of your commitment. Please note, however, that we can only allow you to join a class after you have made payment.

Does Engausa provide job opportunity for students after the training?

While Engausa cannot guarantee participants a job after the training, they will be equipped with job-ready high demand skills that will put them in a better position to seek jobs and interact with an alumni network of learners that can provide mentorship and link them to business opportunities. Every Engausa alumnus can become an employer of labour.

Can I pay for a program in Instalments?

Yes you can start with two classes after paying a minimum of ₦20,000. You will not be allowed to complete the program until full payment is made.

Does Engausa provide training in architecture?

Engausa provides hands-on training in many technical skills which can be viewed on our website. However, we are not an architectural training Institute?

Does Engausa provide accommodation for training participants?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide accommodation to participants at this time.